Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Mymusicbudget.com is a division of LHReturnables, the FIRST CD Music Rental Distribution company.

We know how budgets can be tight for indie-artists, so we want to extend an offer of LOW COST, HIGH QUALITY DUPLICATION and REPLICATION along with OFFERING YOU the chance to give US your BEST OFFER to see if we can match it.

Let us know what you can Honestly AFFORD.

Get your cds created, PLUS get FREE RENTAL Distribution.

Bulk Duplicated CD Package –$25.00, plus factory & shipping costs
•10-400 cds with printing directly on cd –any color
•5-7 business day turnaround

100 CDS with any color label $100.00
Service Fee $ 25.00
Total $125.00

Bulk Replicated CD Package – $99.00, plus factory & shipping costs
•1000-10,000 cds with up to a five (5) color label
•7-12 business day turnaround

1000 CDs with 1/color label $380.00
1 film $ 10.00
Service Fee $ 99.00
Total $489.00

If you would like to PLACE an ORDER – Please call (310) 592-2470 or e-mail admin@LHReturnables.com.

For further information on MyMusicBudget.com, please e-mail admin@LHReturnables.com. We are centrally located in the Los Angeles area.

For further information about LHReturnables, please visit our website at www.LHReturnables.com, or e-mail admin@LHReturnables.com.

We look forward to you being a part of this CD MUSIC RENTAL MOVEMENT!

Sincerely, Janou Lightning and the LHReturnables Team
“Where your RETURN is always welcome”

Friday, March 30, 2007

Join the CD Music Rental Movement

To all indie-artists:

L.H.Returnables holds a new concept for the Indie-pendent music industry. Just like Netflix and Blockbuster Rents movies, and Gamefly Rents Games, L.H.Returnables RENTS Music CDS, vinyl, cassettes, etc for Indie-Artists. Soon, we will have an On-Line store to Sell artist Promo goods. (Once we have enough artists, we will begin looking into having an actual Brick & Mortar store.

We are still in the process of building the website, and need as many indie-pendent artists as we can obtain, to become a part of this alternative music distribution outlet. (This is a non-exclusive distribution outlet at this time). THERE IS NO CHARGE TO THE ARTIST TO BECOME A PART OF L.H.Returnables. All music and genres are accepted.

Netflix, Blockbuster and Gamefly Rental models have proven to be very successful, and because of their track record, we do believe that the same type of model can and will be successful for the Indie-Music Industry.

L.H.Returnables' DIFFERENCE:

L.H.Returnables is a Membership driven site, just like Netflix and Gamefly, however, Artists can make $2.50 for each membership they sell, and continue to make this money for as long as the membership is active.

With L.H. Returnables, Indie-artists will get paid as their cds RENT, and if their cd is purchased the indie-artist will receive the FULL Amount of the purchase. Indie-Artist will also have the opportunity to share in the Monthly Membership income. Right now, Netflix, brings in millions per month.

BONUS: When your fan no longer wants your cd, they can return it back to L.H.Returnables and receive "Points Rewards". We will then put that SAME CD out for RENT and/or Sale again, so that you can make more money from the SAME CD.

FREE STUFF for Artist!
L.H.Returnables is also offering ways for indie-artists to obtain FREE Cd Replication, Duplication, or Recording studio time, Promotion materials etc, based on membership sales and with matching funds from L.H.Returnables.

Indie Record Labels, Managers, etc.
We would love to hear from you too.

For further information on L.H.Returnables, please e-mail admin@LHReturnables.com or visit our website (still in progress of being built) at www.LHReturnables.com. Please pass this information on to any artist that you may feel would like to become a part of the CD Rental Movement.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Janou Lightning & The Returnables Team
L.H.Returnables, Inc.
"Where your RETURN is always welcome"

Saturday, March 25, 2006

No Hidden Fee CD Replication

It's been a while since I posted anything new, but I've been busy getting our new store ready to open in the summer of 2006. I have also been working on updating our website to further enhance it for the benefit of our indie-artists.

LHReturnables, Inc. - The Worlds FIRST Music CD Rental Store/Company is now offering No Hidden Fee, upfront cd replication. Artists will know what they are paying for. LHReturnables charges a simple service fee per order/title, plus what the actual factory and shipping costs are. The benefits increase as you purchase more cds.

Service fees start at $99.00. for bulk orders of sizes from 1,000 -10,000 cds. In my next blog, I will list out some of the pricing structures, You may also contact us at admin@LHReturnables.com for further information.


Janou Lightning

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Would Love Your HELP in Promoting LHReturnables

I am asking for Help in Promoting LHReturnables, Inc. I would welcome anyone who is interested in helping Indie-pendent artists to be able to get their music out to the public while making money. Because RENTING music cds, cassettes, and vinyl is something out of the ordinary, the more people that can spread the word, the better. I would love to talk with anyone that feels they have something that they or their business can contribute. I would love to hear your ideas, opinions and advice about this new form of distribution. Our first brick and mortar store will be open very soon, and will include a small recording studio, courtesy of Enbros Music Company. Not only will the LHReturnables store carry cds, cassettes and vinyl, it will also carry all the promotional material, (hats, t-shirts, bumper stickers, posters) etc. of these artists if they happen to have any of this.

Through our partnership with A-Rep Media, we also offer upfront, no hidden fees CD Replication and duplication, along with Graphic Design.

Again, this is just a note to anyone out there in the music industry who would like to help in promoting this new alternative form of music distribution.

Any and all ideas are welcome. I truly believe in networking.

Thanks, and I look forward to hearing from you. You can reach me via e-mail at admin@LHReturnables.com or phone at (310) 592-2470. The website address is www.LHReturnables.com.


Janou Lightning
founder - LHReturnables, Inc.
"Where your RETURN is always welcome"

Sunday, February 05, 2006

What Are Your Biggest Music Business Challenges???

I do consider myself to be an Indie-pendent Artist Activist. I want all indie-pendent artists no matter what age, what kind of music, or how good or bad they may seem, to have the ability to, at the very least, attempt to follow their dreams.

My direct passion is to have a much better distribution system set-up for indie-artists, which is why I created my company LHReturnables, Inc. The website is www.LHReturnables.com.

I would love to hear from all kinds of artists as to what you feel the biggest difficulties are in actually being able to follow your dream?? Is it money, time, age, being told you're not good enough?

I am also very open to partner with, or affiliate with, any other indie-pendents that want to help artists further their dream. Whatever you would be able to offer - Let's talk.

You can reach me via e-mail at admin@LHReturnables.com or call me at (310) 592-2470. I am located in Los Angeles, California.


Janou Lightning

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

No More Free Music Downloads?????

The more I search on the internet and see how often it appears that indie-artists are giving their full songs away for free, the more I am convinced that there is a better way. I am not a fan of free downloads. I understand why it has occurred, but I think that the artists have worked hard for their music and they should be paid for that effort. I do believe in posting snippets of music, but not the whole song.

My hope is that LHReturnables, Inc. will help lead the way-- away from, Free Downloads.

For comments, you can reach me at admin@LHReturnables.com or (310) 592-2470.


Janou Lightning
founder LHReturnables Inc, and Indie-pendent Artist Activist

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Independent Music Business

LHReturnables, Inc. is the First In-Store and On-line company of its' kind RENTING Music Cds. Everyday, I am more sure that this is at the very least the alternative future of Music Distribution. With Rhino Records and others going out of business, along with the possibility that downloads may increase in price, the thought that a fan can have unlimited possibilities for acquiring music by only paying a small monthly fee is becoming more and more a reality.

LHReturnables is similar to the on-line and in-store video rental companies, however, we are very different in the way we payout to the artist. Our company is about helping the independent artist to make a living with their music, while also making it worthwhile to be able to still create your physical cd, vinyl etc. I truly feel that LHReturnables, Inc. is a win-win situation for both artists and fans.

I am actively looking to get a minimum of 3000 Independent Artist's cds, vinyl or cassettes from All Genres so that we can open our first Brick & Mortar store in Los Angeles, California. I will even accept demos, singles, etc. Whatever you feel you would like to send. Please visit my article on Returnables at a wonderful underground music magazine titled Space Junkies located at www.spacejunkies.net.

I look forward to any comments or suggestions.

Janou Lightning
LHReturnables, Inc.
"Where your RETURN is always welcome"